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We all have to start somewhere

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Square Peg Syndrome...

When something just doesn't fit. 

It could be your marriage, your job, your friends, your home, your lack of freedom, your lack success.  Whatever IT is, bothered you enough to bring you here.  

If you're reading this, there's a good chance, I've been where you are. 

I know all too well, what living a life that doesn't fit feels like. Fortunately, I also know how it feels to live a life that does. I want the second option for you too. 

Sign your thirsty self up for an exploratory call to see if this might be the thing that shifts everything. 

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Since I started working with Krista as my life coach, I notice that I actually do things instead of just saying I will do things. I dream bigger. I have more confidence. I feel like I take more risks in my creativity and allow myself to do so.

 - Chrysteen Butros - Creator of Waverly Knots