Balance Over Burnout

Hi, I’m Katie DePaola. I’m a founder, I’m a CEO and most of all I’m a survivor.

People ask me all the time, “Katie, how do you balance everything? How are you a CEO of a growing company, who works with private clients, fits in self-care, exercise, medical treatments, and has a relationship?

What they’re really asking me is “how do you do all the things and do them well? How can I make my life run perfectly like your life?”

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Here's a Quick Way to Discover Your Purpose

Are you ready to find your true purpose and passion in life?

Imagine waking up everyday and smiling at the thought of going to your “job” but it doesn’t really feel like a job because you are so in love with what you do. You don’t really even care if you get paid because you would do this work for free but of course you get paid well because you’re really good at what you’re doing.

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“Direct Sales Businesses Aren’t Real Businesses.”

I hear a lot of shame and criticism around direct sales companies these days and it makes me sad. 😥

Did you know that I used to be a health coach for Advocare back in 2014?

It was the first time I got to experience being a coach, learning how to market myself, asking for the sale, and feeling like an entrepreneur. It was an exciting time and a huge breakthrough for me!

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