One-on-one Coaching

for women who are ready to be individually guided and supported with their life goals. Whether you want to start a new business, train to become a certified coach, adopt a healthier lifestyle, end a toxic relationship, or travel around the world…etc. we will make the impossible feel possible.

Who Is Coaching For?

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Coaching is for motivated individuals who are ready to move forward in life


It could be your marriage, your job, your friends, your home, your lack of freedom, your lack of success. Whatever IT is, bothered you enough to bring you here.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance, I've been where you are.

I know all too well, about living a life and working a career that doesn't fit your soul. You keep your mouth shut because friends and family tell you that you should be grateful. Fortunately, I also know how to create a life that does feel better. I want the second option for you too.

IN SHORT: DON'T WAIT 6 MONTHS FROM NOW to start making change

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What DoYouGet?

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  • 6 months of weekly coaching sessions (24 sessions total)

  • Audio or Video Call Based on Your Preference

  • Soul assignments at the end of each call

  • Unlimited accountability in-between sessions

  • Bonus:My 3 day Florida Coaching Retreat ($2K value!)


    1 payment of $6,000 USD (1.2K savings!) or 6 monthly payments of $1,200 USD


What’s Next?

  1. Fill out the application above to apply for your one-on-one spot.

  2. Receive an email from me in 4 days (if your application has been selected) with my scheduling link to set up a discovery call so we can get to know each other and see if my services would be a good fit with your goals.

  3. If we deicide to move forward after the discovery call, you will put down a 50% deposit from the first month’s payment to hold your spot.

  4. I will email you a contract, client scheduling link and a welcome questionnaire to get started!


What My Clients are Saying…

About 3 months ago I was needing a game changer in my life + my business. Someone recommended a life coach....or more specifically Krista. 
After our first 3 months, I’ve seen drastic changes in both my personal life + my business. Krista has helped me to realize I have all the tools I need to be an do whatever I desire. She’s like the gardener who has helped me to weed the garden to see all the beautiful plants I’ve been working hard on. 
With Krista’s help I’ve figured out a healthy work-life balance, true business efficiency, and realizing that self care is so important. 
Thank you Krista for being that person I needed to cut through the BS and help me fully blossom.

- Kristin Pope, Rodan + Fields Consultant, Life Coach


What's Possible For You When We Work Together

 Waking up everyday feeling happy, confident, organized, bold, and sexy in your life and business 

Taking your power back and feeling fucking unstoppable

Using your voice to speak up and asking for what you really want without worrying about pissing anyone off 

Learning how to say no in a compassionate way so you get your energy and time back

Walking into a room and having all eyes focused on you with people wondering how they can BE you

Understanding what your true purpose in life is and having a plan on how to go after it

Having friends and clients chase you instead of you chasing them

Going onto that sales call and proudly stating your high end prices when people ask how much it is to work with you

Falling in love with yourself and not diving a damn about what other people think

People respecting and treating you better because you now know how to command it

Giving yourself permission to make powerful decisions so you feel like a CEO in your life and business

Bringing in all the money and success that you crave because you feel fucking worthy

Understanding your fears and how to use them as a compass towards taking the next big leap


Supporting one anOther

10% of profits go to a woman owned business through www.kiva.org