hey everyone,This is me…

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do”

-brene brown

There was a long time when I couldn’t share parts of this story publicly…it was too hard and painful, and then i realized that there was a reason that I went through everything that i did - to help others heal through their most difficult journeys. I now think that the most interesting people are the ones that have overcome life challenges and feel called to turn their pain into purpose.


The Character

I was the straight A student growing up that had panic attacks when she got a B- in school. I hated getting in trouble and never wanted to let anyone down. I was the good midwest Lutheran girl that said yes to everyone to make them happy and smiled even things weren’t ok. I often kept my voice quiet in fear of not wanting to rock the boat and as a result my needs often when unnoticed. I put everyone else before myself.


The Villain

I met a military boy while I was in nursing school at the University of Missouri. He swept me off my feet hard and I followed him hopelessly in love all over the world. We accidentally got pregnant at 22 years old and felt that we weren’t ready to become parents that young. This was the first time I rebelled and kept a secret filled with shame. We got married, bought a big home with too much stuff and started a white picket fence life. The older I got the more that I was creating a life that wasn’t meant for me. I didn’t like being a labor and delivery nurse and working for someone else. I didn’t like owning a big home. My marriage was starting to fall apart so we opened it up and started sleeping with other couples thinking this might fix things. I felt like I was silently drowning and I didn’t know who to who would understand what I was going through.


The Guide

I started to feel this strong pull towards a more alternative spiritual way of living so I became a yoga teacher, left the Lutheran religion, trained for bikini body building competitions, and hired my first life coach. She helped me to create a side business which consisted of guiding pregnant women with prenatal yoga and pregnancy coaching. She showed me how to create an online business and the possibility of leaving the nursing field for good.

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Your soul stops at nothing.

The job, the marriage, the home, the friends, the family, the lifestyle… they will all crumble if they are not built with your Soul’s approval. Because If you ignore your Soul for long enough it will evict you from your life as you know it.  

I’m here to help with that.  I’m here to help you figure what’s really going on.


Your stagnant business has little to do with your lack of a marketing plan and more to do with the lack of support from your mother, husband, sister or whatever person means the world to you.  If you don’t feel safe to grow, you won’t.  

Your stagnant marriage has little to do with your lack of date nights and more to do with your lack of vulnerability.  If you don’t show him who you really are, you will never really be seen.  

Your stagnant ambition has little to do with your lack of caffeine and more to do with your lack of inner zing. Willpower is a finite resource, but passion power is infinite.

What I’m getting at… We’re given clues about our soul’s preference all day, everyday, I help you clearly hear those clue and do something about them.




After this call you will walk away with:

1. Figuring out what is currently missing in your life

2. The number one mindset belief that is holding you back from getting what you want

3. One action step to get you closer to your new goal