what do you want…?

We’re losing our f*cking minds trying to make everyone happy

Imagine what’s possible when you worry less about gaining other people’s approval and start focusing on being the most unique version of you

We will explore your desire to live a life that is less about hiding and more about owning who you truly are


Your soul stops at nothing.

The job, the marriage, the home, the friends, the family, the lifestyle… they will all crumble if they are not built with your Soul’s approval. Because If you ignore your Soul for long enough it will evict you from your life as you know it.  

I’m here to help with that.  I’m here to help you figure what’s really going on.


Your stagnant business has little to do with your lack of a marketing plan and more to do with the lack of support from your mother, husband, sister or whatever person means the world to you.  If you don’t feel safe to grow, you won’t.  

Your stagnant marriage has little to do with your lack of date nights and more to do with your lack of vulnerability.  If you don’t show him who you really are, you will never really be seen.  

Your stagnant ambition has little to do with your lack of caffeine and more to do with your lack of inner zing. Willpower is a finite resource, but passion power is infinite.

What I’m getting at… We’re given clues about our soul’s preference all day, everyday, I help you clearly hear those clue and do something about them.


This Is Me

I know a thing or two about life evictions.  I was fired from my job as a Labor and Delivery Nurse the same week I filed for divorce.  Neither of which I saw coming.  I should have, but I didn’t.  I had doubts on my wedding day and I spent numerous hours a day trying to figure out how to escape my job, so there really should’ve been no surprise that neither worked out.  However, I thought I had everything I ever wanted.  Except I didn’t.   

Now, I’m a world traveling life + business + sex coach. Basically I help people quit their job.  Get ready for a bikini competition (yeah, you read that right). Start coaching others.  Leave their expired relationships.  Start a business. Grow a business.  Travel the world. And have really great sex. No big deal…  

In a way I’m still in Labor and Delivery.  Together we labor like hell through everybody else’s idea of what your life should be and deliver the life you really want.