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The checklist I would have given an elbow to have when I started my business.

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The “Life Coach Business Checklist” you have provided me with has by far been the most valuable resource I have received in starting my own life coaching business~it’s the perfect blueprint.  It’s so simple, concrete and easy to follow, yet SO POWERFUL because it still left me with room to exercise my own creativity!  It also sparked me with new ideas!  This checklist has taken away any excuses/fear I may have had about stepping into my own power to make my dream real.  As a nurse, I consider myself a pretty intelligent and resourceful woman...and I had valuable skills and great ideas for my coaching business, but didn’t know where to start when it came to the logistics of actually implementing them.  I feel like I could have spent a whole year (or longer!) doggy paddling to get my business going, but instead—You have given me permission to back float into alignment with opening my perfect coaching practice!  There are things on this checklist that I would have never thought I needed to do to have all of my bases covered properly.  Total clarity and confidence in how I’m going about opening my business professionally and legally is truly priceless.  Thank you, Krista!!


-Angela Theresa Koranteng 


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