“Direct Sales Businesses Aren’t Real Businesses.”


I hear a lot of shame and criticism around direct sales companies these days and it makes me sad. 😥

Did you know that I used to be a health coach for Advocare back in 2014?

It was the first time I got to experience being a coach, learning how to market myself, asking for the sale, and feeling like an entrepreneur. It was an exciting time and a huge breakthrough for me!

It was also my saving grace while I was a nurse because working in the hospital suppressed my creative soul. Having Advocare in my life gave me a glimmer of hope that there could be more for my future.

I stayed with the company for two years and decided it wasn’t a good fit anymore. I wanted to start a life coaching business and sell my own services without anyone telling me what to do.

With the help of my first life coach and all the business training from Advocare, I was able to start a successful life coaching business that I’m currently thriving off of.

I believe that working in direct sales is a great way for women to experience working from home while taking care of their families and getting entrepreneurial and leadership skills that they didn’t get from their college education.

My vibe definitely attracts my tribe because all of my one-on-one coaching clients are in direct sales right now with Lularoe and Rhodan and Fields being the most common.

The reasons women hire me as their coach in these areas is because they want guidance with work/life balance, time management skills, help to become a confident and powerful leader/coach for their teams, and to increase their sales, money and customers.

About half of my clients end up staying in Lularoe or Rodan and Fields and doing really well and taking their business to the next level.

The other half realize that this business is not their forever and it’s a bridge to get them to the next thing in life.

The clients that were ready for the next step and worked with me over 4-12 months went on to start all kinds of different careers. These are some of the job titles of my graduated clients:

  • Vegan Coach

  • Author

  • Business Consultant

  • Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager

  • Life Coach

  • Fashion Coach

  • Real Estate Coach

  • Motivational Speaker

  • and many more...

Basically I can assist women with getting unstuck in their direct sales businesses and either help them to up level or figure out what they REALLY want to be doing.

It’s so crazy how this niche choose me. I would have never guessed this would have been my path. 

So I’m 💯% pro direct sales and the opportunities it provides for motivated individuals.

If you’re currently in direct sales and like my energy and want me to take you to that next level in your personal life and/or business then let’s get on the phone and chat. 📞

Schedule your chat here.

I absolutely love what I do and feel honored that I get to partner with powerful women who want to take charge and get out of the corporate world/ service industry like I did to better themselves and their families.

Are you in direct sales? How has it helped to improve your life so far? 👊🏼