Ep 10: How to Get Ready for Your First Professional Business Photoshoot

Life is short, do the photoshoot
— Unknown

About this video:

Having professional photos for your website and social media is a MUST when starting a new life coaching business but it can feel really overwhelming when picking out a photographer and all the other decisions you need to make before your shoot.

Today we are going to go over all your burning questions as you prepare to hire your first photographer so you can have a really empowered experience!

Some of the questions that I will address in the video are:

1. Do I really NEED professional photos for my business?

2. How do you find a photographer that you vibe with?

3. Will the photographer tell me how to pose?

4. What do I wear in my photos? How do I do my hair and .makeup?

5. How much does a professional shoot cost?

Action Item: Watch the short training video above and take lots of notes!

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