Episode 3: Being Non-Binary

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(This video was recorded from a Facebook Live Session)

Gender is given too much importance. We should be able to see humans just as humans.
— Sadhguru

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Iris Chamberlain who is a vocalist, music blogger, and life coach-in-training with Inner Glow Circle. Iris coaches musicians who are ready to slay their goals, amplify their voice, and rock their band life.

Iris also identifies as non-binary and transgender and I thought it would be interesting for them to openly share about what life looks like from this unique perspective so we can all be educated and more accepting of everyone’s lifestyle choices.

Iris will give us a behind the scenes look with:

  • what are the best pronouns to use when addressing someone who identifies as non-binary

  • the worst question that you can ask someone who is non-binary

  • the different kinds of plastic surgery you can get when transitioning

  • the biggest struggle in life when your gender is fluid

  • life decisions around becoming a parent and dating

  • how to talk to your parents about owning your identity

  • how approval-seeking and avoiding discomfort can be disastrous and can lead to building an entire life around other people’s needs

Today, Iris seeks to empower others to face their fears and own their fully expressed selves in their relationships, careers, and on the music stage.

Thank you Iris for letting us into your intimate world! You have a beautiful soul.

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@live_louder_coaching on IG



If you want to support someone who is non-binary:

Trans 101 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRH0pwENbx8&list=PL7SgbxvTR7N5-jYeT2Coj99qnRQTIArKP

If you're in crisis: