Episode 4: Feeling Wild, Free, & Confident In Your SEX Life

(This video was recorded from a Facebook Live Session)

A woman who enjoys her sex life is beyond powerful
— Krista Kathleen

There's a lot of shame and secrets when it comes to sex. Men are encouraged to explore and brag about their sex lives while women are taught to dislike sex and only do it to please their partners or procreate.

Today we are going to put an end to that and help you to feel more empowered when it comes to pleasure in the bedroom.

You deserve to have passionate-sweaty-sex-that-leaves-you-feeling-light headed-and-tingly-all-over.

This is what we will cover in the video above:

  • I'll share my raw story of how I went from religious Lutheran upbringing to crazy swinger/polyamorous loving woman

  • Reducing shame and past stories around your relationship with sex and self pleasure

  • Debunking the myth that women are "sluts" for being sexual and having multiple partners

  • Discovering what your sexual needs are and knowing how to communicate those needs to your partner

  • Talking about masturbation, STDS, sex toys and all the other "inappropriate" things that you would never bring up at the dinner table...

Watch the video above to learn more about how to feel wild, free and confident in your sex life

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