The Fuck It Moment


Have you ever had one of these moments?

I've had plenty over the years and I love and hate them at the same time...

It's the point of no return. You can no longer go back to the old version of yourself.

The moment when you are tired of feeling pain and all you want is to feel better.

Change is inevitable.

You've had enough.

People have taken advantage of you for far too long.

You're needs have been put on the back burner.

It's the moment when you are ready to take action before you go insane.

Why is this moment so glorious?

Because the threshold of bullshit has been crossed and you are ready to take action.

Let me share my most recent fuck it moment.

I realized this month that I always allow myself to feel like a burden in relationships. I don't let people take care of me. I put my needs second. I feel that I don't deserve to be prioritized.

This month I screamed, "NO MORE!" out loud letting the universe know that I'm done with this behavior.

Putting myself second doesn't help me, it doesn't help my clients, and it doesn't help all the women that I'm trying to teach how to value themselves.

Any relationship that I am in from now on, I will always make sure that I feel good and am giving myself permission to be treated like a queen. I will communicate my expectations very confidently.

The "Fuck It Moment" can be applied to romantic relationships, careers, friendships, clients, coworkers, the relationship with yourself, your health, being in debt, being broke, being overweight, being sick, being stressed, being tired or just anywhere you feel ran over day after day.

So if you're currently in the "moment" then what action are you going to take to feel better?

Don't let yourself go insane and do the exact same thing over and over again expecting different results.

It's time to do something drastically different that is going to be way out of your comfort zone.

Are you going to hire a life coach, try crossfit, get a personal trainer, quit your job, leave that toxic relationship, sell all your things and leave the country, stand up for yourself, schedule the plastic surgery, cut your hair, apply for the position that you didn't think you were qualified for, sign up for the bikini bodybuilding show, buy a boat, buy a luxury car, book the vacation, ask the guy/woman out on a date, or anything that you've been secretly desiring?

Time to find your new normal.

This is where the magic happens...

I want to hear what your most recent "Fuck It Moment" was and what you did to take action on it.