Letting Go of Shit with the Full Moon


Every month I start to feel a heaviness in my life. I wake up with anxiety, overwhelm, and every money fear possible. My body and brain are buzzing like crazy.

I pause and wonder what is going on and then check my moon calendar app.

Yep, the full moon is coming...

Women's bodies are very sensitive to the changes with the moon each month. I got to witness this first hand as a nurse when working on the labor and delivery floor in the hospital.

On the nights of the full moon, there was always this crazy chaotic energy in the hospital and it seemed like everyone's water bags were breaking that night with women ready to go into labor. I don't know if there is scientific evidence to back this up but it's just what I observed. 

Working with my coaches the past year, they taught me that the full moon each month is a perfect time to do a full moon releasing ceremony. 

I would love to teach you all what I do so you can do your own ceremony too.

I plan ahead in my schedule and take the day off from being around people on the night of the full moon knowing that my mood will be heavy and I will need some alone time to process life. You can download an app in the app store that will tell you each month what the moon cycles are. 

As the moon starts to come out that night I grab my supplies and get ready for the ceremony. 

These are the things I grab:

I then find a peaceful place outside away from noise and people and sit on the ground barefoot trying to connect back with the earth as much as possible. 

I light the candles and sage, and wave the sage around a couple of times to clear the energy around me. 

Next, I pull out my oracles cards (which is an app on my phone at the moment since I'm traveling around the world and don't have much space in backpack) close my eyes and ask the Universe, "What do you need to me to know right now?" I shuffle through the cards and randomly pick a card knowing that is the right one to choose. 

I carefully read through the card seeing which part of the message resonates with me most. 

Then I pull out my journal and write down these six areas:

  1. Career/Business

  2. Health

  3. Money

  4. Personal Growth

  5. Relationships

  6. Spirituality

In each area I write down the things in my life that no longer feel good and that which I am ready to let go of at this time. I give myself permission to be completely honest with this exercise and prepare to face the truth. 

After I write down everything I need to write in each category I crumple up the paper into a ball and hold it over the candle to let it start burning. 

Seeing everything that is no longer serving me burn before my eyes is very powerful. 

Usually when I wake up the next morning I feel immensely lighter now that I have created the space to prepare for new and better opportunities to fill my life. 

So with this full moon, what do you need to let go of in order to expand into the next level of your success?