Jealousy Is Your Greatest Tool

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Have you ever felt jealous of someone or something before?

I'm sure the thought of:

"This is bad, I shouldn't feel this way, I should just be happy for this person" has raced through your mind at some point.

I know it has in my mind.

I used to hate this powerful emotion and thought something was wrong with me.

These are things that make me see green with envy:

-gorgeous women that are very fashionable

-women who have amazing fake boobs

-powerhouses that are creating powerful companies

-coaches who have super successful coaching businesses

-influencers who have a big online following

-people who can take eye catching photos

-people who are naturally funny and can laugh at anything

-people who can effortlessly be themselves in group settings

-women who have written books about their life

and many more things...

Is it possible to look at jealousy in a completely new and empowering light?

Why yes it is because jealousy is a map.

One of my favorite authors Julia Cameron says, "My jealousy had actually been a mask for my fear of doing something that I really wanted to do but was not yet brave enough to take action toward. Jealousy is always a mask for fear: fear that we aren't able to get what we want; frustration that somebody else seems to be getting what is rightfully ours even if we are too frightened to reach for it".

When we look at it this way jealousy is actually really helpful for being a powerful guide for the things we want in our life but don't actually have yet!

Instead of spending time hating jealousy, what if we tried to understand where it comes from and why it's happening for you. It can let you know in which direction you need to aim for next.

Maybe you are jealous of women who are fit and sexy.

Then it's time to ask why and then explore an action you can create toward moving towards that desire.

First you can tell yourself an empowering statement like this for example: "I deserve to be fit and sexy too - now I know that I really care about looking good and I deserve to spend time and money on working on my appearances."

Then create an action to sign up for a gym membership and hire a personal trainer so you too can feel fit and sexy. 

Maybe you are jealous of someone who makes more money than you, has a boat, and a big house.

Ask yourself why first and then create your empowering statement: "I deserve to make more money too so I can buy nice things. What can I do to increase the amount of money in my life?"

Own your jealousy instead of fighting it.

Switching out of envy is switching out of a scarcity based mindset. "Jealousy tells us there is room for only one. It doesn't allow for the abundance and multiplicity of the universe." according to Julia Cameron.

Today I give you permission to dig deeper and figure out who you are jealous of and what you REALLY WANT that isn't there yet then take action on that. 

If you're feeling really brave feel free to share below what it is your jealous of so we can help you harness this fierce energy waiting to come out.