My First $5,000 Month as a Life Coach

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Having financial goals are important when growing a business because you are your own boss and the only one giving yourself a paycheck. A year ago I wrote down this goal in my vision letter: I am going to make $60,000 revenue per year in my coaching business or $5,000 per month. 

When I wrote those words down my chest tightened up. I didn't even make that much when I was a Registered Nurse. How would I ever make that amount from a business that is being built from scratch? 

I believe in the power of setting really big goals that scare the shit out of us.

And this one fit that description perfectly. 

I wish I could say that a month later after setting this goal it happened! But it didn't... I knew I had to keep showing up in my coaching business consistently by building an online audience and gaining their trust by providing a lot of valuable resources. So that's what I've been doing steadily the past year. 

Just coaching, coaching, coaching everyone I know and turning my pro bono clients into paying clients, slowly raising my rates, and getting word of mouth referrals from the current clients that are getting really big breakthoughs. 

I celebrated the first time I hit $1,000 per month in revenue. It wasn't my ultimate goal but it was one step closer.

I celebrated again when I hit $2,000 per month in revenue. This was starting to get exciting! 

I celebrated a third time when I hit $3,000 per month in revenue. And then I plateaued there for a while. It was frustrating but at the same time I remembered that "like attracts like" according to the law of attraction. So I practiced feeling grateful in my mind everyday for the amount I was bringing in and also feeling grateful for the money that I still desired. 

A new goal popped up in my mind. I would get a tattoo on my right ribcage when I hit my first $5,000 month as a reward. Maybe the extra incentive for something I've been wanting would help to get me more motivated. 

Well, it didn't help because I consistently stayed at the $3,000 range. 

When I arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentina last month (I'm a digital nomad and have been traveling around the world for the past 2 years) something inside me said - "Fuck it, just get the damn tattoo and lets see what happens". 

So as you can see in the picture above, I got the tattoo and fell in love with it instantly and knew that it happened at the right time. 

A couple of days after getting the tattoo all this money started coming in from places that I wouldn't have expected. 

My accountant messaged me and said I was getting a nice tax refund... YES! 

I was also finishing up my side hustle as an online ESL teacher for students in China and I was going to get a cash bonus for completing 6 months with the company...OMG! 

In addition to being a coach and an ESL teacher, I'm an affiliate for Inner Glow Circle coach training company and some of the women that I helped to enroll in training paid their intuitions in full...IT'S HAPPENING!

And I still had my one-on-one clients that I was working with that month...MY VISION IS MANIFESTING!

To wrap all this up, I surpassed my $5,000 revenue goal for the month of February 2018. 

Did it all come from one-on-one coaching clients like I originally thought? No, it didn't and there was a part of me that was a little sad at first that the dream didn't happen exactly like I thought it would. But then I remembered something that my web designer, Kelli Preston said on an Instagram post:

"What it means, when...asking for what you want it's important to be oh, so clear, then... throw your hands up and let the Universe (God, Spirit, Angels, The Divine, etc...) take it from there. The thing is we create our desires from what we know, but the Universe knows what we don't know, so the pool of options is so much bigger from where the Universe sits. So put your order in, then ask the chef for a recommendation and OMG go with it. The chef knows best."

There are two important lessons going on here today. 

1. Be patient. Your request will be heard and fulfilled but maybe not in the exact way you thought it would. Keep an open mind and see the abundance that can arrive in all forms to satisfy your desires. If I got so hung up on only believing that I could make $5,000 through one stream of income then I would have never been able to celebrate my dream finally coming true. 

2. Treat your goal like it already arrived. How would you reward yourself if you accomplished your big scary goal this month? Act like it already happened in your mind and give yourself the reward like I did with my tattoo. I believe that by allowing the feelings to happen before the thing actually happens is giving a strong sense of permission to let the success flow your way. You are basically saying, "I feel confident that this is coming and I deserve this abundance."

Now onto to the next challenge. Will I be able to consistently bring in this amount each month? 

I 100% believe in my busienss and am working with my coaches right now to do some tweaks on my coaching programs to set myself and my clients up for success. If I did it once, I can do it again now that the momentum is going. 

It's happening and it all feels really fucking good. 

What big scary financial goal do you have for your yearly revenue? Say it out loud as often as possible, write it down in the comment section below. You need to start believing it's possible first before it can ever come true.